Traditionally, Samba, Choro, and Baião have been the most popular two-beat Brazilian music styles (as opposed to the four-beat Frevo and Samba-Canção). All three originated in the 19th century, and each was rhythmically influenced by African batuques and the very early Brazilian lundu, which formed the roots of maracatu, the rhythmic synthesis of the three styles. This synthesis occurred despite the fact that, melodically and harmonically, each of these styles had been subject to very different influences: African chants (Samba), European dances and classical music (Choro), and the Moorish-flavored musical atmosphere of the Iberian Peninsula (Baião). This marvelous mixture—plus a taste of Jazz (and consequently Bossa) and Blues—resulted in a very special combination, which became (and remains) very popular among Brazilian musicians.
On this CD I have decided to focus mainly on Choro and Baião, and have recorded music by two great composers whose work, in my view, embodies the finest modern combination of the elements described above: Guinga, who was introduced to Brazilian and international audiences in recent years and who has reinvented Choro and Baião with a distinctive melodic and harmonic approach that makes extensive use of diminished 5th and minor major 7th chords, among other incredible contributions; and Chico Buarque, a genius of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) who first emerged in the 1960s, whose songs have made him immortal, and whose melodies and harmonies display a myriad of possibilities through his uniquely rich inverted bass lines (one of Choro’s main characteristics), among countless other musical innovations.
I have included three of my tunes (two of them never previously recorded) in the program, trying to harmonize my own music with these two distinguished Brazilian composers. Relying on the support of an extremely gifted group of musicians who represent the very best of Brazilian Jazz, I am pleased to present Chora Baião.
Antonio Adolfo


Este disco apresenta uma idéia que ja vinha desenvolvendo há muito tempo: a de reunir a genialidade dos músicos Guinga e Chico Buarque. Através da observação dos estilos desses geniais compositores, pesquisei o repertório dos mesmos através de songbooks e gravações. Muita elaboração, que culminou com a inclusão de tres músicas minhas, duas inéditas, e que vieram compor o repertório.
O disco reúne basicamente os tres estilos brasileiros tradicionalmente mais populares: Baião, Samba e Choro, que se misturam num momento ou outro, fazendo surgir um estilo tipicamente brasileiro, costurado pela beleza das melodias e harmonias apresentadas.
Os músicos não poderiam ser melhores e fiquei bem satisfeito com o resultado final.
Espero que vocês também apreciem a beleza da nossa música através do Chora, Baião.
Antonio Adolfo


Antonio Adolfo grew up in a musical family in Rio de Janeiro (his mother was a violinist in the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra), and began his studies at the age of seven. At seventeen he was already a professional musician. His teachers include Eumir Deodato and the great Nadia Boulanger in Paris. During the 60's he led his own trio and toured with singers Elis Regina and Milton Nascimento. Adolfo wrote tunes that gained great success and have been recorded by such artists as Sérgio Mendes, Stevie Wonder, Herb Alpert, Earl Klugh, Dionne Warwick, and others. He won International Song Contests on two occasions. As a musician and arranger he has worked with some of the most representative Brazilian names, besides having released more than 25 albums under his name. In 1985 Mr. Adolfo created his own school in Rio, Brazil. His previous album, Lá e Cá/Here and There, follows in the footsteps of his 2007 live recording Antonio Adolfo e Carol Saboya Ao Vivo/ Live. Antonio Adolfo is currently releasing his new CD Chora Baião, besides conducting a music school in Hollywood, FL (USA) where, along with other instructors, he teaches Brazilian Music, Jazz, and Pop.