Revista Musica Brasileira (Review) - Brasil

By Luis Pimentel

“Chora Baião" by Antonio Adolfo

Guinga, the innovative composer and guitarist is considered one of the most renowned contemporary exponents of the Brazilian music. Chico Buarque, composer, singer, and writer of such caliber, famous for his musical innovations, defies further introductions. Antonio Adolfo, composer, conductor, arranger and teacher, is considered one of the musicians who truly understands rhythm, harmony, and what good taste is all about. These three talented musicians come together in this CD. In “Chora Baião" (AAM Music), Antonio Adolfo plays the piano, his first learned and preferred instrument, treasured songs by Guinga (“Dá o Pé, Louro," “Nó na Garganta," “Di Menor"- in collaboration with Celso Viáfora,“Catavento e Girassol"- in collaboration with Aldir Blanc, and “Você, Você"- in collaboration with Chico Buarque), and by Chico Buarque (“A Ostra e o Vento", “Gota d’Água" and “Morro dois Irmãos"). Additionally, the pianist interprets three of his own compositions: “Chora Baião," “Chicote" and “Chorosa Blues". Antonio Adolfo is joined by a highly gifted group of musicians including Leo Amuedo (guitar), Jorge Helder (Double Bass), Rafael Barata (drums), and Marcos Suzano (Percussion). Furthermore, his daughter Carol Saboya, performs the vocals on this album with great beauty and expertise.